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Kids Trade Up Program

Trek Kids Trade Up Program

If you buy a new kid’s bike from our stores, you can bring it back within 3 years

and trade it in. At that time, we will give you up to 50% of what you paid for it as

a credit towards the next size bike.

Because every kid deserves to ride a great bike!

Here's how the program works. (Please stop by the store for full details)

  • You purchase a quality bike from us for your child
  • If your child outgrows his or her bike within three years, and we all know she will, bring it back to us!
  • We will give you up to 50% of what you paid for it as credit towards the next size bike for your child.
  • We will inspect the bike and replace any wornout items, such as tubes, torn seats etc. The cost of these items is deducted from the credit.
  • Our team of mechanics will overhaul your old bike and then sell it at a vastly discounted price. (Much less then the 50% credit that you received towards a new bike.)

Why you ask? Great question!

Because every kid deserves to ride a great bike! A bike that is safe, looks great and rides like new is a joy to ride! Some kids never get to experience this joy.

If, at the end of the season, the bikes that we have taken in on trade have not sold then Trek Bicycles of American Fork will donate them to local charities!

This is a win-win for all of us! You, your child, the next child who get's to ride, and us here at the shop.

Trek Kids - Every Kid Should Have a Good Bike!