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With the hundreds of options in frames and equipment, there is no reason anyone should be riding uncomfortably. Whether you are a first-time cyclist, a dedicated bike commuter, an aspiring racer or someone who rides only several times a month, a proper bike fit can bring your riding enjoyment to a whole new level.

What is a perfect bike fit?
The perfect fit is comfortable. It facilitates efficiency of movement and the ability to generate power and speed. It allows you to easily breathe and deliver oxygen to your muscles. In the proper position on the right bike, you can effectively balance, stabilize and easily handle the bike. The body and bike become one. Every cyclist deserves to be comfortable on their bike — and a bike fit can help make that happen.

How is the perfect fit achieved?
Most systems designed to position individuals on bikes apply static body measurements to a formula or computer software to come up with an "ideal position." This position is typically based on averages; not unlike "ideal body weights" published by insurance firms. By using the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) method, we treat each cyclist as an individual, not an average. We'll build your fit by taking into consideration every aspect of your "personal blueprint." Our SICI-certified bike fit professionals will work with you to achieve a position that allows you to meet your goals, while taking into consideration your abilities and limitations.

We are proud to offer you choices in fitting services that are crafted to suit your specific needs.

Check out the video about our professional fit services

Trek Bike Shop - Bike Fit Studio


Our standard fit offers a comprehensive survey of your fit and makes the essential adjustments for comfort and efficiency.


- Pedal-stroke assessment
- Saddle (height, fore/aft and angle)
- KOPS (knee over pedal spindle)
- Leg extension
- Cleat placement
- Stem rise and length assessment
- Handlebar angle and cockpit position


Time: Approximately 1 hour

*Fees do not include custom insoles, leg length discrepancy shims or cleat canting wedges. Some fit adjustments may require the purchase of additional parts. Appointment required.

Our most detailed fit starts with a comprehensive rider interview. We perform your fit utilizing techniques and training from the world-renowned Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) - utilizing principles of biomechanics and physiology to dial in the ideal body position.


- Measure existing bike and record setup
- Measure and record body proportions (inseam,   
   shoulder width)

- Flexibility/ROM tests (hamstring, hip flexors)
- Observation of pedaling position and technique
- Set cleat position fore/aft and Q factor; install  
   shims/wedges as needed

- Set saddle height and fore/aft position
- Adjust for proper pelvic position
- Adjust stem height/reach as needed; adjust for
   subjective weight distribution

- Adjust for hip flexion angle while in drops
- Confirm and record final position


Time: Approximately 3 hours

*Fees do not include custom insoles, leg length discrepancy shims or cleat canting wedges. Some fit adjustments may require the purchase of additional parts. Appointment required.

Improve your aero position and ease transitions between disciplines by upgrading either fit package for your triathlon bike.

$25.00 Standard Fit Upgrade
$50.00 Professional SICI Fit Upgrade


Take a virtual tour of our Fit Studio HERE.